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8843 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN  37923   (865) 539-1975


Knoxville's #1 Source for high quality, professionally installed outdoor play equipment.

"Services Offered
Professional Installation: We offer installation on all the products we sell. Our installers have over 13 years experience installing the products we offer. You can be assured that not only are you buying first quality products from us, but those products are being installed properly for the safety of your children and for the performance of the product.

Swing Set Moving Service: We will move any existing Rainbow or Woodplay swing set to a new location for you if it is located within our service area. The cost for this service depends on the size of the structure, but we generally charge the same price as what we would have normally charged to install the original structure. Most sets we move fall into a price range of $399 to $499(plus tax) for this service. CALL the store for details. (865)539-1975

Reconditioning Swing Sets: We recondition any existing Rainbow or Woodplay swing set located in Knoxville or nearby. The service includes power washing the set, allowing it to dry a day or so, and then returning to apply the stain. We use a high quality and highly rated oil based stain. You have color options but we generally use a redwood color. We also will clean other components of the structure such as ladder handles and tarps; however, much of the mold & dirt may have permeated the vinyl coatings making it almost impossible to remove. Some components such as ropes, small handles, steering wheels, etc... can be replaced with new ones for a charge. Most sets we recondition fall into a price range of $450 -$650 for this service (includes the cost of the stain), but variables such as size, height, monkey bars, wood roofs, etc... will affect the price. "

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