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Focusing on the Why

Working on my to-do list and trying to motivate myself to actually get up and do it. Today is my first day home all week and I have so much to do. But I am so weary due to a busy week and lots of gray skies. I'm reading a good book that is calling my name and my pajamas were so comfy. Some days it's so easy to be productive and get through the list and sometimes it's like trying to move in quicksand. It's days like today that I really have to focus on my WHY. Why do I really need to do what's on my list? Why do I need to go to the store? My family needs a healthy good supper, sitting down for a meal is a priority, I don't have time again to go until Friday afternoon. Why do I need to clean? I want my house to be a relaxing and inviting place for my family to enjoy and a place for them to find refuge from a busy day. A messy or dirty home would not be that. Also, no other time to do it for a few days. I need to exercise? Why? Because it lifts my spirits, it gives me more energy and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also keeps me healthier and helps me fit into my clothes. I need to spend one-on-one time with TJ without screens or technology. He needs his momma. He needs that time to feel needed and loved. He is going to school next year and that time won't always be there. What is your why for the things you want or need to do? Remembering your why's is what is going to keep you moving forward and to give your best! Instead of focusing on tasks today focus on the why behind them! #mywhy #thegiftofblooming #newyearnewbeginning #isaiah4319 #sotired

Heather Wright

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Discussion: Focusing on the Why

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