Advertiser Testimonials

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"We have been using the Austin Kids Directory for over 10 years. we love the response we receive from it with our business. Because we track our advertising dollars we know for a fact it has increased our business year end and year out. this is advertising that works!"
- Owners, Once Upon A Child • Austin
Norm Randall, Owner / Operator
"As a new advertiser in the Kids Directory, what comes to mind first is 100% SATISFIED! We are now getting close to 100 kids per week, which in turn is close to 50 new families. The best part is they are becoming regulars and our sales have seen a direct increase from our ad in the Kids’ Directory. There is no doubt in my mind we made the right choice to advertise with the Kids Directory! "
- Norm Randall, Owner / Operator, Neighborhood Grill (Charlotte)
Danielle Terrell, owner
"We love the Kids’ Directory. Our business has grown tremendously in the short time we have been advertising in the KD. Our dancers and friends say they see the KD everywhere, and that means other parents are seeing us too!"
- Danielle Terrell, owner, Zeal for Life Dance Company (Charlotte)
Heather Legeza, Owner
"We have enjoyed being part of the Phoenix Kids’ Directory and have watched it grow! We have had several families enroll because they have seen us listed in the directory and appreciate you putting it in all the doctor’s offices, the stores and other places around town. I love the content of the information for my own children and get excited looking in it each month. It has been a pleasure working with you for 8 years now."
- Heather Legeza, Owner, Primrose School of Fletcher Heights (Phoenix)